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Frequently Asked Questions


1, What is consignment?

Consignment is when you send or drop off your item(s) to Breeze to be sold and receive a portion of the sale price after Breeze sells and ships the item.


2, How long will it take for my Consignment item(s) to sell?

Some items may sell within hours of being listed, while other items may take weeks. The average handbag will sell between 2 weeks to 2 months from the time it is listed for sale with Breeze.


3, What if my Consignment item(s) does not sell?

The majority of Breeze Consignment items sell within 90 days. However, if an item(s) remains unsold, Breeze will contact you to discuss keeping it available for sale at a reduced price or returning the item to you. 


4, Does Breeze guarantee Authenticity?

A: Yes. All items are guaranteed authentic. We stand by our authenticators and item authenticities and offer a lifetime return policy should any item we sell prove to be non-authentic.


5, Can I view an item(s) or consign with Breeze in person?

Yes. Customers are welcome to view an item(s) directly from our Richmond store location. Please contact our store prior to arrival to ensure the item you are viewing is located at the store you will be visiting. 


6, How are prices determined?

Breeze research recent sales of comparable items and consider the retail value of the item, the condition and rarity, and current fashion trends. Other considerations when pricing are our own record of sales and online sales.


7, Does Breeze ship to all countries

Currently, Breeze provides free shipping within Canada. In addition, free consignment pick-up and delivery is available within Greater Vancouver. Additional shipping charges may apply for United States or Asia.


8, Who is responsible for Customs Fees/Taxes?

The buyer of the item is responsible for any customs duties or taxes that are applied by his/her country.


9, Does Breeze accept shoe(s) consignment?

Yes. We accept a limited selection of designer shoes. They must be in like-new condition.







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